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About Us

Clear grease Guns began in 2002, an invention of Mike Cline. Its formation was driven by the wish to provide industry with a product that improved efficiency, reduced cross contamination and costs. We began our work with the help of the SBA ( and S.C.O.R.E. (

Quality, attention to detail and our commitment to provide the end user with the absolute best Clear Grease Gun solution is what drives us to research and develop better, less expensive solutions and still be considerate to the environment.

Our Vision

We envision Clear Grease Gun a development of Kany Innovations Inc. as the premier distributor in the expanding marketplace of Commercial and Industrial Lubrication application solutions.


Kany Innovations Inc. is a green company. Our commitment is to be responsible and protect the environment and we make sure that every clear grease tube we manufacture is 100% recyclable.




Clear Grease Guns is a product of Kany Innovations Inc.
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