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From the Lubrication Engineer to the person that’s actually using the Clear Grease Gun, they all say the same thing, and that is “sure is nice to be able to identify the grease in the grease gun“. Did you know 60% of all bearings fail due to incorrect lubrication, and that can be completely eliminated with 100% visual confirmation.

Clear Grease Gun not the standard grease gun
LS-CGG-RED (Lever Style Clear Grease Gun Red)

With the standard grease gun there is no way to see what is inside the grease gun without taking it apart. Even with engraving the type of grease on the rolled steel barrel or attaching a tag, the operator is assuming that the correct grease is inside. With the aviation  industry (and others) they use grease that has expiration dates, and the ability to visually confirm is critical.

Reliability Article
Problems Solved with the Clear Grease Gun

One obvious question is strength. How tough are the clear tubes? Well, the US Military tested these many different ways including parking a military truck on top of one, and except for some scratches it was just fine. The polycarbonate tubes are many times stronger than the rolled steel tubes.

Clear Grease Gun Tubes for both standard grease gun aor clear grease guns.
Clear Grease Gun replacement tubes

Did you know that you can simply replace the tubes on your standard grease gun with the tubes from Clear Grease Guns? Yup, it is that easy, their tubes fit 90% of all the grease guns.


No grease gun or grease guns are as safe as the clear grease gun. Lincoln and Lubrication Engineers get there Clear Grease Gun Tubes from Kany Innovations Inc.  Snap on, Oil Safe, tribology, Grease Identification System, lubrication identification, lubrication engineer, trico, noria, grease contamination, clear grease guns, transparent grease guns, grease guns, clear grease gun, grease, grease gun, tools, lubrication, oil analysis, reliability predictive maintenance, tribology maintenance, lubrication, Noria, Machinery Lubrication, Reliable Plant and Practicing Oil Analysis, trico corp, lubrication, management solutions.

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