Wait…what type of grease is in your grease gun? Would you bet your job on it?

Any Lubrication Engineer will tell you that many times a maintenance procedure has been done correctly, only to find out that the incorrect grease was used.
Even if the technician is following the S.O.P. if the conventional grease gun is being used then there is no way to positively identify 100% what grease is inside the rolled steel tube. With the Clear Grease Gun the technician has 100% visual confirmation every time.
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station ( SONGS) finished a scheduled outage and one of the maintenance guys had to lubricate the terry turbine prior to bring the unit “online”, and the procedure was done correctly per the SOP. Once the unit came online the control room were getting higher than normal readings on the bearings, and it turned out that the etched steel tube on the grease gunĀ had the incorrect grease inside, and at a million dollars a day this was a completely preventable situation had the Clear Grease Gun been used.
We often say that we are the least expensive insurance any company can get if they use any type of grease. All grease guns are not created equal! No matter the quality of the grease gun if you can not visually confirm the grease then you are creating an “error likely” situation. Eliminate that by either retrofitting your currect grease guns or by replacing then grease guns with the Clear Grease Guns.
Many times the problem with a lubricating grease gun is the lack of accountability.

Clear Pistol Grip Grease Gun

100% visual confirmation grease gun